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Digital Campus Map Will Get You Where You Need To Go

If you are prone to getting lost, the University of the Free State’s digital campus map is just the tool for you.If you are prone to getting lost,

the University of the Free State’s digital campus map is just the tool for you. Directions will no longer be a problem with our new interactive digital map. Search for locations on any one of our three campuses. Digital campus maps are available for all our campuses: the Bloemfontein, Qwaqwa, and South Campuses.

Free application

Tech-savvy students also have the option of downloading the app on Android or iPhone. Search for “UFS Campus Navigator” in your phone store. It is a free application. The map, designed and produced by AfriGIS Web Map Services, has functionality that won’t leave you behind. According to Hannes Pieterse, Assistant Director, web and audio visual in the Department of Communication and Brand Management, the digital map, accessible from both the web and cell phone apps, has a number of functions that will benefit users.

“On the web-based map, navigation is easy with the help of the menu (left top of the screen). Plan a trip (My trip details) by selecting (right click) your current location as Start point. Then select your End point (your destination). You now have the option to send this route information to a cell phone, provided the app is installed on that phone,” he explains. Although the default setup for the map is Walking you can change the setting to Drive.

Easy navigation

According to Pieterse it is quite easy to search for a building. “Click on the down arrow (top of screen) and select UFS facilities. Type in the name of the building or venue in the search and click on the magnifying glass. A red icon will point you to the building.

“This information can also be shared with someone. Just right click on the icon and send to another cell phone. The GPS coordinates of a building will then be sent via SMS to the Inbox of someone’s Map app on the phone. The receiver will be able to reach the destination via instructions on the phone.

“The campus map will identify the specific campus automatically with the GPS function activated on your phone,” Pieterse says.

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