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01-Peter PetersHEFMA represents the interest of the facility management department of 27 universities in, and outside South Africa.  The establishment of Business Partners and sponsorships is one of HEFMA's strategic priorities.

Apart from the obvious benefit to reach a wide variety of facilities managers in the higher education environment, your Business Partner membership, donation or sponsorship will amongst other things assist to develop your company’s reputation in the market.



  • Business Partners are companies which provide products and services to the higher education facilities management fraternity and wish to enjoy ongoing access to the HEFMA programs.
  • Donors are organisations who are associated with Higher Education Institutions and wish to support the facilities management sector. Donors gain no direct benefit from their contributions and thus qualify for a tax deduction for the contribution.
  • Major Sponsors are those organisations who supply significant volumes of products or services to the Higher Education sector, normally at the national level and wish to gain long term exposure to the sector through multi-year contributions.
  • Event Sponsors are organisations who are active in the Higher Education sector and wish to achieve a high level exposure at specific HEFMA Conference or similar event through a substantial contribution.
  • Handout Sponsors are organisations who will benefit from exposure to the Higher Education sector and wish to promote awareness by supplying items of apparel, promotional gifts, etc. to delegates at a HEFMA Conference or similar event.


Apart from the obvious benefit of reaching a wide variety of facilities managers in the higher education sector Business Partner membership or Sponsorship will offer many benefits e.g. access to the HEFMA website, listing in the online Buyer's Guide, URL link to website, opportunity to advertise on the HEFMA website, access to the HEFMA membership list, opportunities to provide promotional materials to HEFMA members, complimentary access to the annual HEFMA conference, opportunity to deliver papers and to exhibit products and services at the annual conference, networking opportunities, access to the quarterly Hefmania newsletter and an opportunity to contribute and advertise in Hefmania.

Are you interested in supporting the cause of HEFMA by introducing your company, product or service to our members? Let us know. We'll gladly assist you.

Peter Peters

Director Business Partners and Professional Affairs



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