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Campuses still use too much water

Meg Pittaway, an Environmental Specialist in the Facilities Management Division at SU, emphasizes the need to reduce water consumption at their campuses.

Pillay was a guest on the campus radio station MFM and spoke about the importance of saving water across the different SU campuses.

In the interview, Pittaway drew listeners' attention to the announcement of the City of Cape that Level 5 water restrictions will take effect on the 1st of October. “if SU uses more than 20 kilolitres of water per month against the same time last year, it will be subject to excessive water consumption fines. People are also allowed to use 87 litres of water per day."

Pittaway also tried to put into perspective how much 87 litres of water are. “The average toilet flush uses about 10 litres of water. So three flushes are 30 litres."

She pointed out that according to estimations, students in residences are using well over the 87 litres per day.

“On campus we estimate that campus users may use up to 20 litres of water per day which must then be deducted from the 87 litres of water allowed at home to stay with the City's target and here we all can help by closing the tap when soaping your hands and washing cups together instead of individually."

Pittaway encouraged students to reduce their water consumption by showering for less than two minutes; by washing full loads when necessary, and by showering with a bucket and using that water for flushing toilets.

She said that they are busy installing more accurate meters to better measure this consumption.

“We are also in process of launching Project 80 which is an awareness campaign to inform students about water usage and how they can reduce their water usage," she added.

Pittaway pointed out that the approved Level 5 water restrictions are already effective from 3 September 2017 at the Tygerberg and Bellville Park campuses.

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