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UCT to provide free accommodation

The University of Cape Town says it will be providing free accommodation to qualifying students during deferred examinations and the mini-semester.

Many students face a follow-on of the previous academic year, and the institution says that they will be given a place at residences until capacity is met.

“Students making use of residence accommodation in January up to the end of deferred exams will not be charged an accommodation fee,” it says. “Students who have been on financial aid in 2016, and/or are eligible for financial aid, will not be charged meal costs for the period for which they have permission to be in residence.”

The offer will come as a massive boost to many students who simply cannot go without campus accommodation, and who will in most cases endure this extended period without NSFAS stipends.

UCT says that applications for this accommodation will be assessed based on the financial neediness of applicants, as well as on merit.
Furthermore, it says, travel assistance in the form of bus tickets will be provided for qualifying students wishing to return home after the extended academic year.

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