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UNISA absorbs over 900 outsourced workers

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has announced that as of next month it will it permanently absorb more than 900 employees that were on outsourced contracts.

They include, domestic workers, security guards and waste management workers.

The employees will also receive benefits such as study assistance, leave days etc.  However there are still bones of contentions, among them are the employees that can’t be absorbed by the university, which the university adviser to vise Chancellor Dr Somadoda Fikeni says a process to iron them out is underway.

One of the demands of Fees Must Fall protesters was termination of outsourced services by universities.

Speaking on Morning Live  Dr Fikeni says although they didn’t meet all the demands but the institution will ensure that all employees are not hired below minimum wage.

“What commitment has been made is that we will pay minimum wage for all employees in terms of the sector determination as well as applicable to the university. These who are absorbed will be back dated from the 1st of March if they were below the minimum wage, to that extent there was acceptance."  

Dr Fikeni maintains that the move is sustainable as the institution hired the staff at the same rate they were outsourced with.

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