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Mogale libraries to help Unisa students

The University of South Africa (Unisa) and Mogale City have launched their library partnership at the Krugersdorp Public Library.

The Executive Mayor of Mogale City, Lynn Pannall, said the partnership between Unisa and the libraries of Mogale is ‘wonderful’.

The partnership will give Unisa students access to study material and books without them needing to travel to the Unisa campuses.

Unisa students will now be able to courier items from the University to the libraries and vice versa.

The partnership also allows Unisa students to get technological training and support from educated library assistants. Internet access and access to databases, electronic reserves, electronic journals and electronic books will also be available at the libraries.

The students will also have access to libraries to ensure they have a space in which to study.

There are 11 libraries falling under the Krugersdorp Library services. All these libraries will offer the same services according to the partnership.

Lynn Pannall, Mogale City Excecutive Mayor, attended the symbolic signing of the partnership and praised Unisa and the library’s willingness to collaborate.

“This is a wonderful initiative,” she said. “Our basket of libraries will empower the people in far-flung areas who want an education, by bringing their education tools to their doorsteps.

The overjoyed Unisa students sat in the crowd as Joyce Gozo, director of Unisa Library Client Services and Shirley Mathebula, Mogale City’s Executive Manager of Social Services symbolically signed the partnership agreement. The official memorandum of understanding which secures the partnership was signed in June.

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