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MUT introduces ‘Green Thursday’

In an effort to contribute to the regeneration and saving of energy, MUT’s Centre for the Development of Green Technologies (CDGT) has decided that every Thursday at the University will be a ‘Green Thursday’.

This is one of the many strategies MUT is implementing to improve the quality of life within and outside the University, and thus encourage staff to be even more productive. Every Thursday the CDGT posts messages on MUT’s Facebook page, informing people how to save energy. “We have prepared a series of these messages that will assist people to use energy effectively,” said Gugu Jama, a staff member in the centre. Some of the greening projects in the pipeline are: providing three clearly waste bins so waste can be separated; installation of infrared motion and light sensors for minimal electricity usage; and harvesting rain water that could be used in the toilets.  “We will then monitor how green each department and residence are,” said Gugu.

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