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Campus installs new innovative printing system

The Mafikeng Campus of the North-West University (NWU) recently introduced a new innovative and hassle-free printing system accessible to students living on and off campus.

The PaperCut Software Solution allows students to print out their documents at their convenience, wherever they are on campus, without wasting time in queues.

All students have to do is to load the PaperCut software on the computer they will be printing from. If a student is using a laptop, it must first be taken to student support in order to have the programme installed so as to enable the student to use the software.

In order to be able to use the system, it is important for persons to be registered at the NWU, allowing them access to the facilities. Then, lastly, students are expected to load money onto their student cards for printing. This can be done at the A7 Building (Library). Printing is charged at 40c a copy for black and white printing only.

"The PaperCut software system is the most efficient and cost-effective system for students as it offers them convenience and provides security for their printed documents, as the printer can only print when one releases the job/document. It must be noted that printed documents will only be stored for 48 hours and will then automatically be deleted if not retrieved," said Jimmy Mamphoke from Campus IT Services.

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