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VUT adapts for those with disabilities

To ensure its commitment to transformation, VUT has appointed Mr David Nkwenkwezi as a Disability Services Coordinator under the Social Justice and Transformation Unit.

Mr Nkwenkwezi brings with him 13 years of experience in disability services as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Administration from the University of Free State where he was previously employed.

He aims to raise awareness about disability, improve disability sensitisation and drive advocacy. He is determined to find ways in which the institution, staff and students can reasonably accommodate people with disabilities – both physically and emotionally by breaking down stereotypes and negative attitudes.

The office will contribute in ensuring VUT is the University of choice for people with disabilities as the choice currently is very limited.

“I am excited to be part of the VUT team, especially as it’s the first time the VUT has established an office of this nature,” said Mr Nkwenkwezi.

Mr Nkwenkwezi is married with two children. He is multilingual and speaks all South African Official languages except for TshiVenda. He will use a laptop with software – Job Access with Speech (JAWS) – that will enable him to do his work. The software communicates everything that is done on the device in a voice prompt.

VUT applauds SJT for ensuring the dream of having this office has become a reality. Mr George Mvalo, Director-SJT, said: “The establishment of the office indicates a clear commitment of the University to issues of disability.”


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