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NMMU to hold meeting on proposal to in-source services

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) will hold a an urgent Council meeting on Saturday in order to examine recommendations from University management regarding the student and worker representations to in-source certain services to the University, which are presently outsourced.

According to the university, the meeting will deliberate and find a constructive way forward in managing this aspect taking into consideration its sustainability and preventing major job losses.

The announcement came after NMMU Vice-Chancellor, Prof Derrick Swartz, and some members of the institution's Council on Monday engaged with students and some outsourced workers after they occupied the Embizweni Building on South Campus early on Monday morning.

After the engagements in the parking lot outside Embizweni, the protesters disbanded on the understanding that a special Council meeting will be held at the weekend to address various demands, particularly around the matter of outsourcing.

In October, the NMMU was one of the institutions of higher learning that were affected by the #feesmustfall student protests.


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