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Sleepy university students given a place to nap

Being a university student means all-night cramming sessions and early morning wake up calls. Complaints of lack of sleep from university students have led to the installation of sleeping pods in some Universities’ libraries. Stellenbosch University is taking the lead.

In order to assist students, Stellenbosch University has installed 24 extra beds in their amaMaties and Wimbledon hubs. These hubs have beds, plug points for laptops and livings spaces to accommodate students who would need a bed to sleep on campus for the night.

Stellenbosch university students were found sleeping in the campus libraries in order to catch up on sleep between lectures. Research done by the university has shown that students stay late in the campus library studying for tests or preparing assignments. Some leave campus late at night and return early in the morning.

Studies have shown how lack of sleep can have serious implications on a person’s brain capacity to learn and memorize. All night study sessions, for next day tests, can hamper the brains capabilities of learning new information in lectures. One of the most prominent sleep-deprived student groups are medical students. Combining intern shifts at a hospital with lectures, these students don’t have much time for sleep.

More and more International universities are bringing bean bags, futons and lounging chairs for students to take naps on. At the University of East Anglia, students have “nap nook” which is a room on the top floor of the university’s library. The room is furnished with comfortable chairs and couches for students to sleep on as well as black out curtains and a white noise machine to block out the outside noise. The room is CCTV monitored at all times, so students can rest at ease. Students can book a 40 minute sleepy slot in the between the times of 12 to 6.

University of Manchester has also followed the trend by installing a napping pod in the university’s library. The pod is a futuristic looking chair that has a dome which closes off the students head. The dome plays music to block out the outside noise. There is also space in the pod for a student’s bag or personal belongings. Students can have an uninterrupted 20 minute nap.


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