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Stellenbosch has a New Facilities management building


Stellenbosch University has opened a new a New Facilities management building in Hammandshand Road. The university is working towards 21st century living, learning and work places and this building is the perfect reflection of that.

The building will house the subdivisions: Property Services, Risk and Protections Services, planning and Development and Facilities services. Which together make up the University’s Facilities management Division. The University has designed this building with innovation and sustainability in mind.

In order to keep the heat-load to a minimum but still allow enough light into the building, an extensive shadow – Analysis had to be done. Strategic use of wood panels and large eves on the outside of the building, help keep the building warm during the winter and cool during the summer months, this also helped achieve 50% less heat – load. The air-condition is also an example of the buildings innovation, the air-conditioning is run using water from the Eerste River, and then pumped back into the irrigation system to irrigate the sports fields.

Further energy savings have been done, by limiting the use of electric light and rather utilizing natural light. However when electrical lighting is needed light sensors are used according to the sunlight entering the building, the lights will dim or brighten according to the sunlight. Motion censored lighting is also used, so when people leave a room, the lights automatically switch off. This helps energy conservation by ensuring electric lightening is not used unnecessarily.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The University’s World Class Facilities Operations Centre, is now also housed in this building. Part of the operations center’s responsibility is to monitor the street cameras and those at the buildings. The Centre monitors fire, smoke and burglar alarms and the University’s emergency generators, and controls the central air-conditioning and energy management systems. Facilities Management’s 24-hour helpdesk for all facilities is also operated from the Centre.

The previous building was set up with one or two people working in their own large office; but this building has mostly open place work spaces. This building space is being used much more effectively, and each work space is smaller but gives a much more spacious feeling. The department is also running smoother, due to all the departments’ people working under one roof. This also helps change the way people work and relate to each other.

The building was designed by TV3 architects and costs nearly R24 million. Construction started in May 2011 and was completed at the end of February this year.



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