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UCT declares 9 to 15 March 'Cycling Week'

The University of Cape Town (UCT) has jumped on the opportunity to also stimulate cycling by its students and staff. With the ABSA Cape Epic cycling event taking place in the Cape this week, and is attended by cyclists from all over the world, the university has now declared 9 to 15 March as UCT Cycling week.

Thanks to an initiative from the University of Cape Town's 80-member strong cycling club, the university has declared the week of 9 to 15 March UCT Cycling Week. With the Cape Town Cycle Tour ride of solidarity still fresh in our minds, UCT students will be made aware of the importance of exercise as part of a balanced student life throughout the week.


"UCT Properties and Services department are also working towards making UCT more cycling-friendly with bicycle lanes being painted and safe areas being created where bicycles can be kept during the day," says Kylie Hatton, Deputy Director for Marketing and Communications at UCT. "Sustainable transport is one of the main focus areas for making UCT a more sustainable campus and this week will serve as an impetus to make students aware of the advantages of cycling."





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