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UCT students have the campus in their pockets

New app informs students on UCT services and utilities and has a locater with a map of the campus.

The Campus Mate app, developed by Manenga Mungandi, a third-year computer science student, offers a "campus in your pocket".

Students can get information on UCT services and utilities, and the app has a locater with a map of the campus.

Apart from checking which library books are available, students can access the university staff directory and be guided to the closest bar.

"It also has features for disabled students who need help with accessibility," said Mungandi, 20.

"It shows them routes to get around campus and details of where to find parking."

Other features include exam timetables and a tool to manage budgets.

Mungandi said almost all the information on the app was provided by UCT, but the information was not always readily available.

That is why he created the app. "I tried to think of what I needed during my first year," he said.

Mungandi used free online software to develop the app and paid a licence fee of R235 ($20) for the app to be uploaded to the Google Play Store.

It has received positive feedback from students and lecturers and has a 4.4/5 rating on the download site.

He plans to expand Campus Mate to other universities and says each version will be custom built.

Third-year UCT student Anastasia Lite has been using the app for two weeks.

"It's really good. It's made [campus] life a lot easier and I wish it had been available when I started at university," she said.

Students can also get daily "Bro" and "Lady" tips, but have asked Mungandi to include information on parties and social events on campus.

Mungandi might do well to remind them of "Bro Tip" number 74: "We're all wrong sometimes, dude. Just admit it like a man and move on."


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