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SU app shows campus facilities live

Stellenbosch University has launched an iPhone and iPad app that features among others an augmented reality (live) view of the campus surrounds.

The user experience when in live view is a combination of his/her surrounds in real time, with indicators of the various campus facilities (sports, academic and administration buildings) superimposed over the live view.

The interactive campus map indicates the user's position on campus by means of a blue flashing indicator. When selecting a facility indicator in map or live view, the user has access to various information of the chosen facility. Users will also have access via the SU shuttle route map to information of the various day and night shuttle routes.

"The app puts the university in the palm of your hand," explains Mr Chris Munnik, Chief Director: SU Facilities Management. "With the app, staff and students are able to find classrooms, explore buildings and facilities, learn about campus transport options and report any problems they encounter to Facilities Management's helpdesk. The interactive map interface with augmented reality capabilities will provide a virtual tour of the whole Stellenbosch campus."

The development of the app is in line with the strategy and vision of Facilities Management to remain the leading campus environment in South Africa, adds Munnik.

Features of the app that will assist students and staff include the following:

  •     Direct access to the Facilities Management helpdesk
  •     Direct access to the emergency hotline
  •     Access to official news and social feeds, including University news articles, FM news articles and institutional Twitter feeds
  •     Access to information on campus facilities such as floor plans, room numbers, contact details, etc.
  •     Access to information on FM's services through the "About" screen
  •     Access to shuttle information such as departure times and departure points
  •     Improvement suggestions of the FM app via the "Feedback" screen.

Cool updates proposed for the future are the following:

  •     Campus WIFI hotspot locations
  •     Live shuttle bus locations
  •     Student recreational locations
  •     Campus street search
  •     Campus route navigation. (GPS)

In the initial test phase, the application is available at the App Store for iPhone and iPad, with the Android version being rolled out later this year.

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