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CPUT short course stimulates library use

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) is offering a short course to familiarise students with its libraries and what libraries have to offer to ensure students will be able to put the offerings to use.

Navigating CPUT’s academic library’s thousands of books, online journals and databases can be a daunting task for students.

But thanks to library staff, students are being shown step by step, how to find their way around any of the institutions 11 libraries.

The library developed the Information Literacy short course and Librarian Janine Lockhart says over just five modules students are trained to identify information, evaluate it and how to use information legally and ethically as well as how to reference.

Lockhart says these skills form a key component of academic life and a base for those who will pursue postgraduate studies.

Already 2 700 students have completed the course since its launch last year and recently the Library Director, Elisha Chiware, recognized a group of Analytical Chemistry students who were among the first to ace the course.

When starting out at CPUT, student Qiqa Mevana says she never considered the important role the library would play in her studies.

“I always relied on Google and never knew that I could access online resources such as Google Scholar, where I could find referenced information,” says Qiqa.

“The course taught us simple ways to research information, rather than having to go through hundreds of books or websites to find what you are looking for.”

Annually the library invest R13 million into new resources and currently boasts 265 327 books, 22 919 e-books, 43 Elsevier e-text books as well as 31 platforms which provide access to a total of 100 databases that includes numerous e-journals.

Director of the Library Elisha Chiware says this course is just one of the many initiatives to ensure students make use of these vast resources.

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