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Private Hostels available for Unam students

Students who can afford it will start moving into the private student hostel at the University of Namibia (Unam)’s main campus in Windhoek starting on Sunday.

The hostel, with a luxurious ambience, and which made headlines for being the first privatised student accommodation for university students,  will charge between N$2 100 and N$2 300 per month for rent.

The almost ueber luxurious and privately run accommodation, called Emona, offers a comfortable TV lounge and relaxation areas, communal bathrooms and kitchens fitted with granite counter tops, according to the brochure. The hostel has previously been in the news when questions arose about its affordability for many students, who often struggle to cope with tuition fees. Of late, the scarcity of accommodation on campus has left students at the mercy of landlords who often charge exorbitant rental fees. The hostel will accommodate 1 150 students and the first units equipped with 216 beds will be available to students starting this coming Sunday.  The developer of the new hostel is Hanganeni Emona Investments (Pty) Ltd, which build the new residence through a public-private partnership (PPP) arrangement with Unam. In terms of the agreement between the two parties, Unam availed land while Hanganeni had to come up with the financing to set up the facility and manage it for a period of about 25 years. JHI property, another private property management company will manage the hostel.

Unam Communications and Marketing Director, Edwin Tjiramba yesterday confirmed that the student accommodation is partially completed and students can move into the units as of February 1. He revealed that the second phase would deliver 504 beds by the end of February and the remaining balance of 330 beds will be delivered mid to late March this year. “Due to some unforeseen circumstances there has been some delays on the progress of the Emona student accommodation, however the contractor has done his utmost best to try and deliver before the deadline. This has meant that not all units will be finished at once and we are forced to phase occupation as the buildings become available,” Tjiramba explained. He said about 16 blocks will be constructed in total with each block accommodating 72 students. Hanganeni has constructed the residence about 200 metres north of the main university campus to alleviate the accommodation challenges Unam has been facing over the years. Tjiramba said what students will be charged for the rooms will depend on what room is chosen, but will vary between N$2 150 and N$2 300 per month. Tjiramba also noted that all maintenance, collection of payments and other day to day operations will be done and run privately to ensure that the Emona residence always delivers a quality service to the student, since this is a condition imposed upon Hanganeni Emona under the agreement with Unam. “It is a public private partnership which we now seek to emulate at our other campuses and facilities,” Tjiramba said.


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