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Moi campus renamed to Kitale University

The government in conjunction with Trans Nzoia government will upgrade Moi university Kitale campus in Kenya into Kitale University. Political Affairs Director in the Office of the President Joshua Kuttuny said this will make education affordable to Trans Nzoia students.

He however said the Kitale Technical Training Institute will remain a tertiary college to accommodate those doing diploma and certificate courses. Speaking in Kitale yesterday, Kuttuny said the national government is discussing with the county government to enhance the progress.

The government’s stand comes after the debate has raged on whether to upgrade Kitale Technical into a university or not. Governor Patrick Khaemba has been opposing the upgrading of the Technical College while area Kuppet officials and MP Chris Wamalwa have been fighting for the upgrade of the university.

“If Moi University is upgraded into fully fledged Kitale University, our students will be able to commute on their bicycles and within four years, one will be earning a degree,” Kuttuny said.

He said students with grade C and C minus may not be able to get affordable courses if KTTI is transformed in to a university. Meanwhile, Kuttuny has opposed plans by Kenya Seed management to move the seed firm to Nairobi.

He said the government has not made any such plans and those talking about it are just but rumour mongers. “Kitale is the bread basket of this country and there is no way the government can transfer the firm to Nairobi,” Kuttuny said.


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